Sex Positions that Ensure Maximum Male Enhancement

Most males participating in sex with their partners would often have a lot of thoughts racing through their heads, one of which is whether or not they are able to provide the kind of satisfaction that women look for.

It becomes a form of insecurity to them, even if they get to hear praise for their bedroom performance.

Most men aren’t really content with the size of their penises either, often thinking that they’re rather small compared to the stuff they see in adult movies.

They would love to have a sizable appendage that women can be impressed at even upon taking their clothes off for the first time.

Of course, in order to achieve such ambitions, men would have to delve into the use of male enhancement techniques. What most men do not realize is that the positions they incorporate during sex are male enhancers themselves.

It has long been established that men could only see improvements in their penis size with a variety of supplements.

However, there are things to be considered, first and foremost. Some supplements aren’t really all that effective, and just might end up being a complete waste of their money.

There are also some products out there which may lead to some serious side effects, especially after long term use.

In such cases, wouldn’t it be a lot better for men to actually see some vast improvements in penile size through something that they enjoy, that being sex?

Below are just some of the positions that can help a man experience good erectile performance as well as highly powerful orgasms.

  1. cowgirl positionThe cowgirl position is one that allows for maximum penetration into their partners. This would lead to such enjoyable and gratifying sex for both the man and the woman. Most of the effort will be exerted by the female, although she might need a helping hand to achieve utmost satisfaction. The reverse cowgirl is also pretty effective for getting the most out of sex, although this is an option for the woman who isn’t particularly comfortable with her own physique.
  2. The inverted rear position also works quite effectively in helping men experience great pleasure during the act of sex. In this position, the man merely has to lie down on his back, and the woman will lie down on top of him. She faces the ceiling while being in a reversed straddle, mainly through the spreading of her legs. She might not be able to move as freely, however the man can thrust deeper and deeper into her. This requires a bit of bodily balance for the woman to execute, which is why the man has to support her by holding on to her thighs quite firmly.
  3. The doggy style position is one of the most common, but it also achieves deep penetration into a woman’s g-spot. She will be on all fours as the man thrusts into her from behind.

These are some positions which can guarantee maximum male enhancement. The man will feel like a sex god, and she will certainly be craving for more.