Pharmacy system designed to enhance customer service


At present situation, the pharmacy competition is tough and the marketplace is continuously changing, but opportunity awaits. Independent can cash in on ideas, solutions, and new technology quicker than chain stores. If pharmacies are open to new ideas and solutions, one can potentially realize new sources of revenue. In this competitive environment, it is time to evaluate the strategy and maximize pharmacy performance.

pharmacy system solutions is built to manage all the pharmacy business-related activities that include medicine purchase management, supplier or manufacturers management, stock management, sales management, and daily or monthly accounts management.

There are five types of solutions to improve community pharmacy performance.

Implement an inventory management program.

One important decision is to keep inventory on hand at any time, especially in community pharmacies. The pharmacy’s largest asset is usually prescription drug inventory. From a business perspective view, inventory is a key factor for driving cash flow and profitability. One can do a decent job of managing inventory levels, but on average at doing so, the cash flow gets limited. An inventory management program helps to ensure inventory levels, and thus cash flow is optimized.

The web-based inventory management programs are features automated ordering with product grouping, customized order points, detailed reporting, and personalized inventory consultation and support.

Remote system


Telepharmacy is a tool that community pharmacists are using to provide better access to care and expand their pharmacy’s footprint. The remote-dispensing site is managed by a certified pharmacy technician and by a pharmacist located at a traditional community pharmacy. The collaborative pharmacy approach makes it possible to operate a community pharmacy in a location that otherwise would not be able to support a full-fledged traditional pharmacy like an underserved community.

The pharmacy business is booming worldwide and only in the United States pharmaceutical market expected for 40+ percent of global prescription medical drug sales. This is the largest pharma market in the world and exists to support the large growing needs of U.S. medicine.

Pharmaceutical businesses can be benefited tremendously from business-process facilitation. According to pharmacist surveys, apart from value-added tasks and activities require about half of their work time, which otherwise can be spent in a more productive manner like :

  • Business-to-client pharmacy chains/networks.
  • Large Business to business pharma companies.
  • All kinds of Medical drugstores.
  • Wholesalers of Pharma company.

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